PilotSafety.org & Master Flight Training Go Pink

PSMFT New Logo

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on.  But that’s not what it means at all.  It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.” Steve Jobs

   PilotSafety.org was founded in 2012. Why did we start? I was tired of hearing that, “little planes are dangerous.” If we provided free aviation seminars and webinars we could prevent some of those accidents. I wanted to help to every pilot in every way they might need it. We’ve covered radio communication, VFR flight planning, night flying, mountain flying and over 20 other topics including GPS and IFR. We’ve had lots of help and I’d especially like to thank Master Instructors(John Mahany and Mike Jesch), Aviation Attorney(Gary Stark), Medical Examiner(John Phillip, MD), FAA Rep(John Stuernagle) and more. Oh and in case we forget…. OVER 15,000 PILOTS like you signed up to be members! We’ve also had some outstanding corporate support. Avemco was the first and has always supported aviation safety. Avidyne and Globalstar also have been big supporters and have allowed us to grow more than we ever thought.

During the last six years I’ve also sold a flight school, moved to Texas, and changed my business to specialize in providing in-person Avidyne and Garmin IFR training. My new company was Master Flight Training. The biggest problem is that when I worked at MFT I didn’t spend enough time volunteering at PilotSafety and vice versa. It’s not fair to neglect PilotSafety or Master Flight Training and there is just not enough time to do both.

The best solution is to focus and become one entity. PilotSafety.org is going to merge with Master Flight Training and become one. It will allow us to grow and do even more for general aviation safety by focusing on one business instead of two. We will focus on helping pilots who want to become better in the use of autopilots, GPS and iPads focusing on Single-Pilot IFR.
What we promise to do:

  1. Provide more free FAASafety WINGS classes all over the US.
  2. Create more free videos on autopilot use and glass displays.
  3. Provide updated and more in-depth video mastery options for Avidyne, ForeFlight and Garmin use.
  4. Provide more opportunities for in-person advanced mastery training for good pilots who really want to be the best in their airplanes with the best new technology.

GPS, and understanding how to use it, will be the base on which we build a new group of videos and classes to help pilots use the next generation of avionics safely. The aviation world is moving to follow the pink line and PilotSafety.org is going to lead the way!

What does this mean for you, the pilots and the people, who made this all possible? Better and more training options is the benefit you will like the most. Our website will finally get the much needed update and be easier to use. As for the logo going pink, you’ll be able to find us at every convention and see us from 200 feet away!

What does this mean for me? I can just wear one shirt(yes it’s bright pink!) I can wear only one CEO hat. I can answer one phone, one email, and only carry one business card. My promise is that I will use the saved time and resources to do even more for GA Safety.

You, the members, have always been the best part of everything we’ve accomplished together. Thank you for everything and I hope you will stay with us going forward.

My best and fly safe,

Gary Reeves, ATP, MCFI

Making Single-Pilot IFR safer with Video and in-person Master Flight Training for Autopilots, Avidyne, ForeFlight, and Garmin avionics.

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